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Volume 49 Issue 2 (2002)

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Sphincter and nerve preserving total mesorectal excision
Heald Richard J.
Pages: 7-8

What role, if any, for laparoscopis surgery in Chron's disease of the hindgut?
Ignjatović D., Bergamaschi R.
Pages: 9-12

The role of surgery for bowel incontinence
Kieghley M.R.B.
Pages: 13-14

Adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer
Wils J.A.
Pages: 15-18

Local recurrence and five year survival after abdominoprineal resection of the rectum due to the rectal carcinoma
Krivokapić Zoran V., Barišić Goran I., Marković V., Popović Miloš A., Antić Slađan, Jovanović Dejan, Protić S., Micev Marjan, Adanja G., Šaranović Đorđije Z., Stevović Dragoslav M.
Pages: 19-22

Modern concepts for the treatment of fecal incontinence
Rosen H.R.
Pages: 23-24

Preserving the superior rectal artery in laparoscopic anterior resection for complete rectal prolapse
Ignjatović D., Bergamaschi R.
Pages: 25-26

Sacral magnetic stimulation in puborectalis paradoxical syndrome
Shafik A.
Pages: 27-32

Radio (chemo) therapy in locally advanced rectal cancer
Radošević-Jelić Ljiljana M.
Pages: 33-35

Perspectives and controversies in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer: From paliation to cure
Popov Ivan
Pages: 37-39

Risk factors in the recurrence of the colorectal cancer
Ulanska J., Dziki A., Langner W.
Pages: 40-43

Do we still need a permanent colostomy in XXI-st century?
Szezepkowski M.
Pages: 45-55

New approaches in ambulatory proctology
Skricka T., Vedra P.
Pages: 57-61





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