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Volume 56 Issue 3 (2009)

Ahead of print
Articles in advance of print

What does we need to help laryngectomized speaking?
Đukić V.B., Vukašinović M.M., Stanković P.D., Milovanović J.P., Folić M.M.
Pages: 11-15

Diagnostic algorithm in patients with cervical metastasis of malignant tumours unknown primary location
Krejović-Trivić S.B., Trivić A.S., Banko A.V., Milovanović A.P., Ugrinović A.B., Vukašinović M.M.
Pages: 17-21

Preliminary results of applying the inverse stapedotomy
Arsović N.A., Babić B.B., Đukić V.B., Mikić B.M., Milovanović A.P., Panović B.M., Ugrinović A.B.
Pages: 23-27

Developments in therapeutic human papillomavirus vaccination
Albers A.E., Šiniković B., Banko A.V., Jovanović S., Kaufmann A.M.
Pages: 29-37

Imaging of larynx: Diagnostic value of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
Maksimović R.M., Banko B.A., Milovanović J.P.
Pages: 39-44

Immunoglobulins G, A, M and circulatory immune complexes in patients with laryngeal carcinoma
Dimitrijević M.V., Đorđević V.Ž., Arsović N.A., Jeremić P.D., Slijepčević N.A., Konjević G.
Pages: 45-49

Computerized rhinomanometry: A study of total nasal resistance normal values
Janošević Lj., Dotlić J., Janošević S., Dudvarski Z., Milovanović A., Penđer I.
Pages: 51-54

NMR diagnostic vallue inassessing laryngeal tumor
Banko B.A., Milovanović J.P., Maksimović R.M.
Pages: 55-59





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