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korica 4 2011

Current Issue

Volume 59 Issue 2 (2012)

Ahead of print
Articles in advance of print


Fistula in ano: An overview

Nicholls John R.
Pages: 9-12

Which treatment for anal fistula? Cut or cover, plug or paste, loop or lift

Gupta Pravin J., Shalini Gupta N., Heda P.S.
Pages: 15-20

Functional results after surgery for overt rectal prolaps
Xynos Evaghelos
Pages: 21-24

Functional results after surgery for obstructed defecation
Xynos Evaghelos

Colorectal carcinoma under microscopy: Patohistology or much more?
Knežević-Ušaj Slavica, Ivković-Kapicl Tatjana, Panjković Milana, Klem Ištvan, Eri Živka

Laparoscopic restorative proctocolectomy technical notes and postoperative results
Bugra Dursun
Pages: 39-45

Metastatic colorectal cancer: What about the primary?
Popescu Irinel, Alexandrescu Tiberiu Sorin
Pages: 47-55

Preoperative staging of rectal cancer: Role of 3D endorectal ultrasonography
Santoro Giulio A.
Pages: 57-61

Surgical treatment of clostridium colitides
Mitaš Ladislav, Svaton Roman, Skrička Tomaš, Kala Zdenek, Penka Igor, Hanslianov Markéta, Grolich Tomaš, Polak Pavel, Hlavsa Jan
Pages: 63-69

Single access laparoscopic colorectal surgery: Lights and shadows
Pignata G., Bracale U., Mijatovic S., Perna F., Lazzara F., Badessi F.
Pages: 71-74

Laparoscopic approach for inflammatory bowel disease surgical management
Maggiori Léon, Panis Yves
Pages: 75-79

Minor vs complete excision of pilonidal sinus: Early postoperative period
Petrović Jelena, Dimitrijević Ivan, Krivokapić Zoran
Pages: 81-85

Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) for T1 rectal cancer
Maggiori Léon, Panis Yves
Pages: 87-90

Surgical treatment of chronic hidradenitis suppurativa in the gluteal and perianal regions
Bilali Sokol, Todi Vangjel, Lila Ali, Bilali Valbona, Habibaj Julian
Pages: 91-95

Treatment of the rectal cancer in casuistic clinic for abdominal surgery, Clinical centre of the University of Sarajevo (2006-2010.)
Kandic Z., Firdus N., Kandic A., Catic L., Kandic A., Kandic E.
Pages: 97-101

Single access laparoscopic right hemicolectomy
Bracale Umberto, Mijatovic Srđan, Lazzara Fabrizio, Perna Fabrizio, Badessi Francesco, Pignata Giusto
Pages: 103-106

Consumption of meet during adolescent period as a predictor for colorectal cancer
Sokolova-Đokić Liljana, Đukić-Dejanović S., Đokić N., Prijić Z., Jovičić R.
Pages: 107-110

Use of vacuum-assisted closure device in a disastrous form of abdominal sepsis and stoma site infection: Systematic review and report of a case
Popović Miloš, Barišić Goran, Marković Velimir, Petrović Jelena, Krivokapić Zoran
Pages: 111-115 

Simultaneous laparoscopic pyloroplasty and ileocecal resection in Crohn’s disease
Schlöricke E., Hoffmann M., Zimmermann M., Meyer K.F., Laubert T., Kleemann M., Bruch H.P., Hildebrand P.
Pages: 117-120

Case of leptosuccin induced malignant hyperthermia in a patient with GIST of the rectum
Nejković Nataša I., Protić Snežana I., Zarić Nemanja, Krivokapić Zoran, Đurašić Ljubomir
Pages: 121-123





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