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Original internal derivation catheter endoprosthesis in patients with inoperable infiltration of distal choledochus and biliary-enteric fistula

Authors: Ana Mladenovic, Perica Adnadjevic

Pages: 41-45

DOI: 10.2298/ACI1502041M

The aim of this study was to present the original idea of intervention radiology procedure treating ireversible cholestasis with intrahepatic pneumobilia due to choledoho-enteric fistula in inoperable carcinoma of pancreatic head, in the only possible way.Material and methods: We treated 3 patients with choledocho-enteric fistula using originally designed biliary catheter endoprosthesis of 14-16 Fr, made of the distal end of drainage catheter, which enabled bile derivation with simultaneous treatment of fistulous channel. In pre- and postprocedural evaluation we used ultrasonography and computed tomography. Results: In 2 of 3 cases we treated the fistula successfully while preserving bile derivation. The average survival time was 7,3 months (5-10).Conclusion:The use of this therapeutic procedure is reserved for the terminal phase of malignant disease. It is a paliative procedure and implies previous experience in the use of all possible types of percutanous biliary drainage.






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