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The effect of erythropoietin on alanine aminotransferase during ischemia reperfusion injury in rats

Authors: C. Τsompos, C. Panoulis, K Τοutouzas, G. Ζografos, A. Papalois

Pages: 33-39

DOI:  10.2298/ACI1502033T

The aim of this experiment study was the erythropoietin testing, on rat model and particularly on ischemia reperfusion protocol. The benefit or the non effect of that molecule was studied biochemically on blood alanine aminotransferase. Material and methods 40 rats were used of mean weight 247,7 gr. Alanine aminotransferase was measured on these time points: on 60 min after reperfusion (groups A and C), and on 120 min after reperfusion (groups B and D), A and B without but C and D with erythropoietin administration.Results were that 1) erythropoietin administration increased significantly the ALT by 15.2 IU/L [-0.6168546 IU - 31.01685 IU/L] (P= 0.0591), in accordance also with paired t-test (P= 0.0480), 2) reperfusion time increased non significantly the ALT by 3.4 IU/L [-13.1482 IU - 19.9482 IU/L] (P= 0.6798), in accordance also with paired t-test (P= 0.5994), and 3) interaction of erythropoietin administration and reperfusion time increased non significantly the ALT levels by 3.581818 IU/L [-6.350404 IU - 13.51404  IU/L] (P= 0.4698).Conclusions are that erythropoietin administration, reperfusion time and their interaction have non significant short – term increasing effects on alanine aminotransferase.






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